Academic and Non-Profit Pricing Policy

We are pleased to offer a 75% Academic & Non-Profit discount on all of our products†. The Academic pricing is available for students, faculty and staff of educational institutions. The Non-Profit pricing is available for Non-Profit organizations in the United States that are designated by the IRS as section 501(c)3 organizations. Because you are licensing the commercial product without any additional limitations or restrictions, you must demonstrate your eligibility to receive the Academic or Non-Profit discount.

Your proof of eligibility for the Academic discount must be a document issued by the institution with your name, school name, and current date. You can submit one of the following to qualify.

For Students:

  • Dated student ID card
  • Class registration receipt
  • Class schedule
  • Tuition statement that shows enrollment for current term
  • Authorized enrollment certificate

For Faculty or Staff:

  • Dated faculty or staff ID card
  • Faculty or staff paycheck stub
  • Official letter from the registrar indicating current employment
  • Link to your faculty profile on the official school website

Any sensitive information such as pay amounts or social security numbers may be obscured in the supporting documentation for privacy reasons. Your proof of eligibility for the non-profit discount is a copy of your IRS 501(c)3 certification letter.

How to Submit Your Documentation

Send a photo or scan of one of the above types of academic proof or the copy of your IRS 501(c)3 certification letter, by faxing it to +1 760-369-1185 or emailing a copy to Attachments should be in the form of PDF documents or scan images and must be zipped. If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.

This offer does not include the SocketTools Subscription.