How Do I...

1. Search For Information

There are several ways to search for information on this site. In the upper right-hand corner of each page on the website, you can enter your search query and click on the Go button to perform a general search. For a more comprehensive search of the site, you can click on the Advanced Search link and provide more details about the search you want to perform.

2. Download Products

You can download any of our products by simply clicking on the Downloads menu item above, which will provide you with a list of each product, its current version and the date that it was released. Clicking on that product's name will take you to a download page where you can select various options on how to download the file. If you are behind a firewall that restricts FTP connections, we recommend that you select HTTP as the download protocol.

3. Purchase Products Online

You can purchase a product license online using our secure online order form. Orders that are placed during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific) will typically be processed within the hour. Orders that are placed after normal business hours, or on weekends and holidays, will be processed the next working day.

When you place your order, you will receive two e-mail messages. The first message will confirm that the order has been received and is being processed. Once the order has been processed, a second e-mail message will contain your product serial number, download instructions and other information related to the purchase of the product. Please make sure that the e-mail address that you provide is correct, and that your mail server will accept e-mail from the domain. An invalid e-mail address will delay the processing of your order.

5. Read Online Help

Online help is available for all of our products here. This is the same help content that is included with the product, both as HTML Help files and as PDF documents. Note that you must have JavaScript enabled to navigate the contents panel.

For our SocketTools suite of products, the online help is generally divided into two sections. The first is the Developer's Guide which covers general topics and provides an overview of the components. The second section is the Technical Reference, which includes specific information about each component or library. If you're looking for the syntax of a particular function or method, then you should search the Technical Reference section of the help.

6. Request Technical Support

You can submit a request for technical support using our online form.

If you are a customer, please be sure to use the same name and e-mail address that you used when purchasing the product.

7. Contact Catalyst Development

The most efficient way to contact us is through the contact form on this site, or by e-mail. For general product information, send inquiries to and for sales or licensing information, e-mail You can contact us by telephone during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific time at 1-760-228-9653. For additional contact information, please click here.

8. Browse the SiteMap

If you cannot find a page using the search feature, the sitemap provides links to all of the major sections of our website.

Browser Compatibility

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