Technical Support Overview

Support Options
Technical support by e-mail is available to customers, along with other technical support resources available through our website, including our forums, online help and our Knowledge Base. Additional paid support options are also available for developers who have critical support needs.

Support Requests
If you have a technical support question or feature request, please submit it directly from this website to our support queue. Before submitting a question, we recommend that you search our Knowledge Base and browse our technical support forums to see if it has already been answered.

Frequently Asked Questions
Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents that are available for various Catalyst Development products. These documents answer the most common questions asked by developers who are evaluating or learning to use one of our products.

Online Help
Complete online documentation for our family of products. Our online help is useful to evaluators who are interested in learning about how our components work, and for developers who would like access to the most current reference material.