Mission Statement

Catalyst Development's mission is excelling in the development and support of software tools, components and web-based services to meet the complex needs of programmers building applications for the Microsoft Windows platform while leveraging our technology into product solutions for the end user market.

Quality and Innovation

At Catalyst, the drive to innovate and the pursuit of quality is the foundation of our company. Quality is the responsibility of every employee, in every aspect of the company's operation. We are committed to the goal of complete customer satisfaction, striving to meet the needs of developers today, and into the future. We listen to our customers, and encourage them to provide feedback and suggestions as to how we can improve our products and services.

World Class Software

Catalyst is committed to designing, developing and marketing world-class software. Our components are used by tens of thousands of companies, educational institutions and governmental organizations around the world, and it is our responsibility to provide them with the solutions they need to build software that meets the needs of their customers. Product stability, expansive features, comprehensive documentation and first-class technical support are all part of meeting that commitment.

Experience and Dedication

Catalyst's employees are experienced, passionate about their work and dedicated to meeting the goals of the company. Every employee understands that our customers are the most import asset of the company. Our managers create a positive atmosphere that encourages both creativity and a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Each employee participates in the quality process, ensuring that our customers always get our best effort, every time.