Environmental Policy

Catalyst Development is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its business operations. As a software company, our impact on the environment is relatively low when compared to other businesses. We recognize the importance of sound environmental practices and meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations. In partnership with our employees, suppliers and customers, we strive to continually find ways to improve efficiency, reduce waste, lower overall energy consumption and increase the amount of materials that are recycled and reused. We achieve this by:

  • Monitoring the amount of water and energy that we use, along with the amount of waste generated, primarily in the form of paper and packing materials for physical delivery of our software products.
  • Minimize paper waste by reducing use and increasing the recycling of paper products. We make extensive use of email, electronic document sharing and online collaboration between employees and business partners.
  • Reduce waste from electrical and electronic equipment, ensuring that all devices such as computer workstations, monitors, printers, copiers and power supplies are recycled or disposed of in strict accordance with environmental laws and regulations.
  • Train our employees to conduct their work activities in an environmentally responsible manner, with a focus on efficient, sustainable business practices. All employees are informed of our environmental policies and procedures, and they are encouraged to suggest improvements to these policies.
  • Offering our customers the opportunity to purchase and download our software and documentation electronically, without any corresponding physical media or printed materials. We also offer paperless invoicing and other business related documentation in digital formats.
  • Encourage our business partners, vendors and suppliers to provide goods and services in a manner that reduces their overall impact on the environment. When practical, we request that our partners send all purchase orders, invoices and other documents to us in digital formats rather than mailing printed materials.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of our environmental policies and their impact, ensuring that they remain current with economic conditions . We establish targets to improve efficiency and reduce waste, both in daily operations and in planning for future business activities.

Through efficient use of our resources, we can continue to provide superior products and services with a low impact on our environment. We are continually looking for ways to improve efficiency, conserve energy and reduce waste in a way that benefits our business, our customers and our community.